Delphi is both an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis.


The oracle of god Apollo, Delphi, was located high over the Corinthian Gulf, on the sacred Mt. Parnassus, surrounded by fir trees. For many centuries, the voice of Delphi, the most important oracle, was the absolute driving force for all Greeks. Everyday people as well as delegates from various cities traveled to Delphi to receive answers and guidance for their future and destiny. The prophecies were obeyed and their convincing power was such that many wars were won or lost based on a few words from priestess Pythia.During the 7th century BC, when the barbarian worship of Dionysus had infiltrated Greece, with the risk of eliminating the local values and traditions and pushing Greeks to barbarism, Delphi saved Greece by cleverly introducing Dionysus to the virtues of Apollo.

The Delphi oracle, a religious and cultural center, was the first to enforce international law, banning the execution of prisoners of war, the pollution of rivers and wells, and the destruction of aqueducts.Delphi influenced Greece, not only in a religious manner, but also in terms of education, literature, art, trade and mainly colonization. Countless people and cities made enormous offerings to the oracle of Pythian Apollo. It is said that more than five thousands works of art had been collected at Delphi prior to its destruction.

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